At the age of six I was painting in my room and ran out of paper. So I decided to paint on my wall, ruining the wallpaper my mother had so proudly put up. Needless to say I was punished. It wasn't long though, before I started doodling on my furniture- I guess I never quite learned my lesson.

I graduated Israel's Haifa University Art Faculty in Fine Arts and Art History in 1990. I proceeded in my fine arts career through art projects and exhibitions, including a solo exhibit in The Artist House of Jerusalem, Israel in 1993.

In 1998, I went back to school and got another Bachelor's degree in Illustration and Graphic Design from Vital-Center for Design Studies in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I've been back in NYC since 2003, working as a designer and illustrator. I have also been tattooing since 2004, which to me is like illustration on the human body. My art is inspired by my rumination on subjects of interest, including urban culture, mythology, and nature. Although I can't completely explain my process, my thoughts conjure images and I am compelled to turn them into something visual. Sometimes I still doodle on my furniture...


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